Sunpadel System Discover the types of courts we manufacture

The careful design, the high quality and our careful customer service throughout the process, from the first commercial contact to the after-sales service, make investing in padel tennis courts a guarantee of success for your project.


Showcasing 3 Models



The Pillar is our base padel court with lower budget, but still very premium, simple and robust.

A very strong court due to the use of reinforced pillars all across the court.
Wire mesh and glass rest on its entire perimeter on a frame.
If the functionality depends on the spectacle of a panoramic court, this court is the most suitable.


Our top selling Panoramic court that offers a very premium finishing and a very clean view.

Although it has a panoramic glass area, the design is committed to a more reinforced and robust structure, which makes the court with a very unique design and also very strong to every hit.
Perfect for both indoors and outdoors, it has a character that is more willing to resist the stress of long padel sessions.


Our Full Panoramic is a court created and inspired in the nature, which maintains the concept of having a fully panoramic glazed area without any visual obstacle.

It has a more discreet design and an additional reinforcement for the barely perceptible glasses.

Maximum visibility on all four sides, and single curves that makes the court fit in any location in a very premium way offering the best view to any match happening in the court.